how to Unlock a Cameras Memory Card

Those days have been gone when we used to insert a film roll into the camera for making pictures. With the digital era, digital cameras have been produced and we only want to see if the card is inserted or not; and get away with the picture taking experience. It is nearly a blessing. The memory card can store thousands of pictures and videos while that roll was completed after 36 pictures. You can insert these pictures in your PC and have real fun about them. But if your card is blocked, those thousands of pictures stored on your memory card are of no use. You can easily unlock this card of your camera in the following way:

  • Take the memory card out of the camera. This memory card is almost always located in the area where the battery stays. This is a compartment like area. You should open the compartment in which the battery is present. Push the card down. When you will do this, memory card will come out of the slot. Now, take it out from your camera.

  • You should find the protection switch of your memory card now. Hold the card in such a way that its label faces upwards. Examination of the sides of memory card may also help you locate the switch. The switch is usually present on the left portion of the memory card. Now, look for label that mentions ‘lock’. It is a small label.  You may also locate a couple of icons on the side, one is like a locked, and the other seems like some unlocked padlock.
  • You can now unlock the memory card. Move the switch to the icon named ‘unlocked padlock’ or you may move it away from the ‘lock’ icon.  The protection switch is very fragile and any bit of haste can easily break it apart. You will have to be very gentle and careful throughout the procedure. If you ever break your protection switch, you can still be able to manage the event. Fortunately, a small scotch tape piece can serve the case. Cut this tape equal to the space that is created due to the breakage of the switch. Now, place it over that vacant area. And that is it.

Now, your memory card has been unlocked and you should gently put it back to the camera. You can have a lot of fun now. You may make pictures of all the beautiful things you see. You can put the pictures in your computer through a card reader.

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