How to Understand When Someone is Lying

Psychologists tell us that by just studying a person’s body language and especially having direct eye contact, you can tell when someone is not telling the truth. By just being a little observant you will actually be able to know when to be on your guard, because the other party could be taking you for a ride.

Body Language Sign # 1: Inability To Make Eye Contact

When someone giving you some information is trying to hide something, they will naturally not be able to look at you directly in the eye. All of us know for sure that in all dealings, honesty is the best policy and we may not want to really manufacture lies. So when we go against this natural trend of things, we become easily agitated, because we think the other people will find us out. So the body develops its own defense mechanism, which is avoiding eye contact so as to avoid any confrontation as it were.

Body Language Sign # 2: Constant Eye Motion

Even though it may be difficult to take note of it, people who tell lies will simply move their eyes up and then to the left and you may wonder why this is so. It is believed that this is a natural body reaction, when the brain is trying to cook up scenarios. When what is being said is factual, the brain does not have to work overtime to create these scenes. On the contrary, lying gives your brain a hard time marinating the conversation while arranging the sequence of the information to follow.

Body Language Sign # 3: Uncharacteristic Blinking

Another very obvious sign that lying is taking place is having shifty eyes. Even though blinking is just a natural involuntary process in life, there is a problem when it becomes enhanced and out of the ordinary. The person could just be doing it overtime avoiding being found out. This simple forms of body language that you have known will go a long way in discovering whenever someone is trying to take advantage of you by presenting lies, so you had better be on the watch and know how to use this information.

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About the Author: Alan Kennon lives a very happy life with two kids and a lovely wife. He likes to share his life time experiences with others about how they can improve their lifestyle and personality.

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