How to Treat Your Dog When He Has Diseases of the Testicles

Disorders of the testicles include inflammatory diseases, tumors, and eczema.

(A) Testicles appear enlarged and painful. The animal is hesitant when getting up. It will walk stiffly and with the legs as far away from the painful testicle as possible. This gait is the cause of frequent misdiagnosed cases because the dog is thought to have a back problem or some type of hind leg paralysis

Important: If the condition is caused by a testicular tumor there are commonly other symptoms in addition to the above: hair loss, enlarged nipples and/or an enlarged abdomen.

This disease affects mainly older male dogs. Take your animal to a specialist as soon as you notice these symptoms

(B) The dog continues to lick his scrotum because the skin itches .The licking causes a moist eczema. You need to stop the licking habit in order to prevent bleeding and pus formation.


(A) Inflammatory testicular disease may be a sequel to injuries or to general infectious diseases such as brucellosis or tuberculosis

(B) Scrotal itching is most commonly caused by increased sexual drive.


(A) Prepare cool compresses soaked in Calendula or Hammerless dilutions .Then rub the affected scrotum gently with Trammel ointment or with Rescue cream.

Important: You must prevent the dog from ? chewing or licking its testicles

  • Home Remedies

(A) Administer Trammel tablets if the testicles appear hot to the touch, reddened, or swollen. In addition, treat the dog orally with Calcium iodatum-lnjeel and with Conium-lnjeel.

(B) Administer daily drops of Cosmochema Skin Function, which will improve the skin functions. Add Croton Dl2 tablets to the treatment .For suggested dosages, see the inside front cover.

  • Bach Flowers

If your dog appears listless and lethargic due to its health problem, treat it with hornbeam and olive.

When to Consult a Veterinarian

Homeopathic single remedies will be selected to treat the acute condition of the disorder. This is followed by the use of Nosode therapy in order to detoxify the body. Finally, you will be instructed in the use of color therapy to continue home treatments.

Preventive and Convalescent Care

The dog must be prevented from chewing or licking his testicles Occupying him in a variety of ways will distract him.

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