How to Treat Nosebleeds in Children

Nosebleeds are common in children as they tend to start after a knock to the nose or by hard blowing, causing the mucous membranes inside the nose to rupture and leak blood. It can be alarming if there is a lot of blood, but unless the nosebleed persists for more than twenty minutes, they are not usually serious.

What you can do

Don’t try to staunch the blood flow by putting anything up the child’s nose. Lean their head forwards over the sink or towel and make sure the mouth is slightly open so they can breathe normally. Tell them not to sniff or blow as this could start the bleeding again. They should also avoid leaning back­wards, as blood will drip down the back of the nose and throat and may cause vomiting.


Naturopathy A naturopath will assess the child’s overall stress levels, as this can often lead to nose-picking. Otherwise, dry conditions such as central heating, over-blowing the nose or cold sores can all be causes. If the child has low zinc levels and too little bioflavonoids and vitamin C in the diet, this can affect the blood capillaries which become more fragile and will be slow to heal if burst. An increase in foods rich in vit­amins A, C, E, and in zinc, garlic, water, fruit and vegetables may be recommended. Also mineral salt supplements such as sodium and potassium phosphates may be given.

Herbal medicine

A herbalist may recommend Oil of Cypress dropped on to cotton wool and gently sniffed to help to reduce the nosebleed more quickly. Other herbs that may help and are known for their astringent qualities are Witch Hazel, Yarrow and St John’s Wort. To toughen up the mucous membranes, a tincture of Golden Seal, which acts as a useful astringent, given three times a day for children over two years old, may help. For children under two, Yarrow, which also has astringent as well as antiseptic qualities, may be advised instead.


If your child is prone to nosebleeds, usually because the child picks at their nose, a homoeopath may rec­ommend Ferrum phos. If the child is agitated and anxious, Arsenicum to help calm them may also be advised.

Bach Flower Remedies

A practitioner may recommend that children who repeatedly cause nosebleeds by always blowing their noses too hard or picking them may be helped by Chestnut Bud. Rescue Remedy is good for the shock and fear caused by a bad nosebleed and any squeamishness at the sight of blood may be helped by giving Crab Apple.


If the nosebleed continues for longer than twenty minutes or started after a hard knock to your child’s head, consult a doc­tor immediately as an X-ray may be needed in case of a skull fracture, or the rupture may need to be cauterized – sealed with heat. Also consult a doctor if there is a recurrent nose­bleed to exclude any abnormality in the clotting process.

Other therapies that may be beneficial: osteopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic.

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