How to Treat Dog Inflammation of the Anal Sacs

The anal sacs are located on either side of the anus. They empty normally while the dog eliminates. In some dogs the impaired function of these sacs leads to an inflammatory condition because the secretions are retained.


The most typical picture for this condition is a dog that is trying to slide along the floor on its hindquarters.

In addition, the dog bites and licks the anal surroundings continually or in sudden spurts. It looks like the dog is chasing its tail, while in reality, it is trying to deal with the irritating itch of the inflammation.

The animal has obvious discomfort during elimination, as well as expressing pain as a reaction to any touch in that area. The anal sac area emits a very repugnant smell.

If the anal sacs are occluded, the condition will develop into a fistula, severe inflammation, and pus formation.


During episodes of diarrhea and while a dog eliminates mainly soft stools, there is a lack of pressure stimulation that normally induces the anal sacs to empty. Hereditary dysfunction it if cause a similar problem.


Cleanse the anal area with diluted Calendula essence and follow up carefully placing a thin coat of Hammerless ointment on the anus.

It is also a good idea to keep the hair around the anal area short to prevent matting and caking with fecal matter and anal sac secretions.

  • Home Remedies

Give your dog one tablet each of Trammel and Paeonia three times each day. If the animal is very sensitive to touch, add one ampoule of He par sulfuris-lnjeel each day.

When to Consult a Veterinarian

Get help if your treatments are ineffective after five days

What to Expect

If the anal sacs are occluded, the veterinarian trained in holistic techniques will express and irrigate them. The veterinarian will use homeopathic single remedies to treat the pain and to lower the inflammation. You may then be asked to support the therapy by administering color therapy at home.

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