How to Treat Conjunctivitis in Children

This is a common complaint in children as it is infectious and is easily passed on through hand-to-eye contact. Bacterial or viral infections such as a sore throat causes the conjunctiva membrane of the eye to become inflamed and itchy, discharging a yellow pus. On waking in the morning, the child may find their eyelids crusty and stuck together. Conjunctivitis can also be caused by an allergy, for instance from pollen or to chemicals used in swimming pools. Newborn babies can suffer a form of conjunctivitis which blocks the tear ducts soon after birth if they develop an infection from the mother’s cervix. In more serious cases, this can lead to blindness, so medical treatment should be sought immediately. What you can do

Gently swabbing the eye with cotton wool dipped in warm, sterilized water or breast milk will help clear the ducts and wipe away crusts. If both eyes are infected, swab each eye with a clean ball of cotton wool. Give your child a separate flannel and towel to help prevent the spread of infection. Keep their hands as clean as possible and try to discourage them from touching their eyes.


Naturopathy A naturopath will see the appearance of con­junctivitis as a sign that the immune system is weakened. To boost this, they may recommend foods rich in vitamins A, C and E and zinc, found in fruit and vegetables. They may also advise mineral salt supplements which help to support the body’s system, such as potassium chloride, or iron and mag­nesium phosphate. The eye may also be bathed in cooled Eyebright tea or a cup of saline solution also containing a drop of Golden Seal.

Herbal medicine

An eyewash using Eyebright, Raspberry or Calendula will help to soothe the eye and clear infection. Or Eyebright, made into a compress with cotton wool or gauze and applied to the eye for fifteen minutes, or even drunk in an infusion, may be recommended.


Sometimes where there is restrictive movement in the facial bones, the eye cannot drain properly. An osteopath may gently try to manipulate the bones to help alle­viate the problem.


A homoeopath might recommend Aconite if the condition is due to exposure to cold. If there is a lot of discharge, Argentium nit. may be advised.

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