How to Treat Cold Sores in Children

Facial cold sores are small blisters which form around the lips. They are usually preceded by a tingling sensation before the blisters appear. They can be sore and itchy until they burst and crust over, leaving a scab. They tend to last about a week. Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus, and as they are highly contagious, most of the population carries the virus, having been infected at some point in their lives. Once infected, the virus will remain in the body, but stay dormant until re-activated, for instance by stress, exposure to cold or heat, or following an illness, when the immune system is low.

What you can do

Cold sores can be embarrassing for children – particularly teenagers – but you can help prevent your child getting recurrent attacks by avoiding known triggers, such as stressful situations, providing them with a well-balanced diet to help their immune system or wrapping a scarf around the lower part of their face in cold weather. Kissing should be avoided when the sores are present and the child should wash their hands after touching the affected area.



Applying Melissa (lemon balm) to the area where the first tingling signs warn of an oncoming sore can sometimes prevent the blisters forming. Use a fifty/fifty mix of Melissa with Grapeseed or Rosehip oil. An aromatherapist may use a mix of Geranium, Chamomile German, Lavender, Bergamot and Oregano, known for their antiviral properties, to help fight the condition as well as to reduce stress and anxiety which may trigger an attack.


If your child suffers repeated attacks of the virus, reflexology works well in balancing the whole system, not just the area where the cold sore appears. Areas of the foot which may be worked on to help to reduce attacks, include those representing the endocrine, lymphatic and immune sys­tems.

Traditional Chinese medicine

This may combine acupuncture to help boost the immune system, as well as herbs. A diet of lots of grain and lightly cooked vegetables, avoiding dairy and sugary, fatty foods may also be advised. Cold sores are seen as a sign that the energy flow is blocked and the causes of this will need to be sought to help find relief.


A homoeopath may choose remedies which will help to build up the child’s constitution and boost the immune system to help prevent further attacks, as well as helping to reduce the pain and itchiness. Other therapies that may be beneficial: naturopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, biochemic tissue salts, herbal medicine, acupuncture.

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