How to Treat Aging, Memory Loss, and Longevity

Aging is attributed to cellular degeneration caused by reactive oxygen compounds called free radicals. Cell colonies can be kept alive and well in Petri dishes indefinitely. What seems to cause aging and cell death in the body is the buildup of toxins, starving the cells for oxygen. If toxins could be eliminated as fast as they accumulated, the body, too, might live indef­initely.

“If DNA can manage to make perfect arteries for five hundred cen­turies, each one containing millions of perfectly operating cells,” writes Deepak Chopra, M.D., “there is no intrinsic reason why your DNA should botch the job after sixty years.” According to the Indian Ayurvedic philosophy Dr. Chopra espouses, aging is a mistake of thinking. He observes that in 1978, a team of researchers made the remarkable discov­ery that transcendental meditation could retard or even reverse the aging process.

Other researchers are discovering that this process can be reversed with certain natural substances, including antioxidants to neutralize free radicals, and hormones and hormone precursors to replace the hormones that decline with age.

Other remedies help reverse the memory loss that is a normal part of aging. The natural remedies discussed under “Alzheimer’s Disease” are also good for normal memory loss.

Drug Treatment

Hormone replacement with prescription forms of estrogen and progesterone has been popular for women since the sixties. The problem with the best-selling forms of these hormones, which are either synthetic or animal derivatives, is that they don’t exactly match the body’s own hormones. Since they don’t quite “fit” in the lock they are designed to turn, they can reduce side effects and fail to perform all the functions of the normal hormone.

Attempts are now being made to replace the waning hormones not only of women but of men, in the form of a Low T Program that will observe their condition and prescribe acoordiginly. Users maintain that supplemental testosterone (by using the best testosterone booster) can boost energy and libido and build muscle.

Excitement was also generated by a 1990 study in which human growth hormone (HGh) increased muscle mass and strength in a small sample of men over the age of 60, while reducing their body fat and cholesterol lev­els. Injecting HGh can have serious side effects, including joint pain, fluid retention, and exacerbation of diabetes. The treatment can also cost a pro­hibitive $300 to $1,000 per month. There is a testosterone therapy like testosterone replacement therapy which is a same-day procedure done by a Testosterone Replacement Therapy Physician. Instead of injections or topical solutions, bioidentical hormone pellets are inserted under the skin to facilitate long-term hormone regulation.

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