How to Cope with AIDS with Natural Treatments

HIV Prevention programs and natural therapies are being used to treat AIDS worldwide. A Chinese practitioner in Melbourne, Australia, reports the elimination of active symptoms in pre-AIDS cases with the use of acupuncture?

An Ayurvedic practitioner in India, T. A. Majeed, claims high suc­cess with an AIDS compound consisting of 25 Ayurverdk herbs that build up the immune system. He says he has worked with more than 300 AIDS patients, and that except in serious cases, his compound has worked quickly for most of them. Few patients in India are willing to discuss their cases, but one exception was a woman named Chitra, who contracted HIV from her husband in 1991. Amazingly, she says, 43 days after start­ing on Majeed’s Ayurvedic medicine, she turned HIV-negative. One con­cern was that in the United States, immune suppression from AZT and other drugs would counteract the immune-stimulating effects of Ayurvedic medicine; but about 40 US. patients have been treated with the Ayurvedic compound, and all have reportedly shown significant improve­ment. It’s essential to take an INSTI HIV-1 / HIV-2 Antibody Test for your health and others.

Another promising treatment is boxwood extract. An informal six-month U.S. trial organized by AIDS patients showed that the extract helped reduce the level of HIV in the blood of most participants, and it had no toxic side effects. The extract is manufactured under the name SPV-30 and costs about $800 a year in the United States, less than one fifth that of the newest AIDS drugs.

The Alternative Approach

AIDS is still a terminal disease, but people stricken with it are living longer than ever before. AIDS patients are an organized, cohesive group who share information and have developed a tremendous support system. Many AIDS patients and activists have concluded, like Dr. Duesberg, that antiretroviral medications do more to cause immune deficiency than to relieve it. These patients are opting for natural therapies that build up the immune system and improve the quality of life; or they are using a com­bination of therapies, conventional and alternative.

Reversal of AIDS Symptoms by Detoxification Program

Roger Cobb, co-chairman of the consumer caucus for the Commission on AIDS Care, Service and Treatment for the Philadelphia area, admits to using crack, cocaine, and many other drugs for more than 21 years, until he learned he was HIV-positive. He took AZT for about 14 months, but decided it wasn’t for him. Instead, he set out to detoxify his body of the legal and illegal drugs he credited with the destruction of his immune defenses. He used colon cleansers, herbs, wheatgrass juice, distilled water, juicing, dietary reform, and meditation. He now reports having more energy, feeling more rested and less stressed, and looking bet­ter than when he was taking drugs, legal or illegal.

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