How to Treat a Snake Bite

You probably hear the expression, “You’re a snake.” This usually refers to someone who betrays a person or someone treacherous and deceitful. Snakes don’t just deceive, they attack for no reason and with an element of surprise most of the time. While most snakes are not poisonous, some carry a poisonous venom that can kill the victim. When bitten by non-poisonous snakes, you will not die but the bite area will be swollen and most likely to cause pain and lead to infection which should be treated with an snake bite first aid kit.

  • When treating a snake bite from a non-poisonous snake, clean the wound thoroughly with alcohol and apply antibiotic ointment. Once cleaned properly, put bandage around the wound to prevent infection. Observe the wound on a daily basis to make sure it doesn’t get infected. Watch out for signs of changes, like redness, or streaking as these may be signs of infection.

  • According to the Snake Catchers Brisbane experts, when treating poisonous snake bites assuming you have no medical equipment with you or could not get immediate medical attention, lead the victim away from the snake to make sure he/she doesn’t get additional bites. Check yourself to make sure you didn’t get bitten by the snake as well.
  • Remove clothes and jewelry from the victim. The venom can cause swelling in a short period of time so any piece of clothing that may aggravate the swelling must be removed immediately. If the victim has a belt, watch, earrings, and tight shorts, remove them as well.
  • Minimize activity and stay calm. Tell the victim not to move frequently. Too much movement will cause the venom to spread to other areas of the body.
  • Don’t suck out the venom with your mouth. Not only is this method dangerous, it can also lead to infection. Don’t cut the bite site as well as this may cause infection.
  • Clean the bite site thoroughly with alcohol or soap and water. Once thoroughly cleaned, cover with a dressing.
  • Warp the bite site tightly with something elastic to slow down capillary and venous blood flow.
  • To prevent the venom from spreading, split the bitten limb. Remember to keep it below the level of the heart.
  • If you can’t get medical attention right away, make the victim drink plenty of water and let him rest. Drive him to the nearest hospital for proper treatment.

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