How to Treat a Sinus Infection

The sinuses play a very important role in the human body. The sinuses reduces the pressure in the cranial area. It’s very common for people to experience congestion or an infection of the sinuses. Other people get these uncomfortable recurring infections due to disfunction or allergic reactions. Symptoms of infection or swollen sinuses may include fever, headaches, hearing obstruction, and fatigue. These infections can be treated and even cured with a few simple steps. Here are are few suggestions that will help soothe inflammation in the sinuses.


Step 1

Sinuses are shaped like a balloon. Due to this shape the sinuses are prone to get filled with mucus and other things. Blowing the nose can help maintain the sinuses. Make sure to wash your hands after wards. Washing your hands properly  can prevent infections. You can even use a nettle pot and irrigate the sinuses with sterile salt water if congestion gets severe or recurs.

Step 2

Over the counter medication can help keep the sinuses healthy and opened. Try a decongestant and antihistamine to help keep your sinuses open. If you choose to use the over the counter nasal decongestant spray don’t use it in excess of 3 days. Follow the direction on the packaging for your safety. Your sinuses may get dependent on these medications if used outside of the 3 day limit. Try¬†clearing out your sinuses for long term relief from nasal issues.

Step 3

Warm, moist heat or steam can be comforting. You can do this by taking a long, hot shower. You can turn on the shower as hot as you can tolerate it. Inhale and pay attention to your breathing. Inhale deeply. Allow the warm water to soothe the face. If you don’t want to take a shower, you can substitute it with warm packs. Be careful not to burn or injure yourself.

Step 4

Drink more water. Water can help keep the sinuses clear. Water is the best thing anyone can drink in terms of the body. Clear fluids are better for the body. You can dilute any heavy mucus by increasing your water intake. Avoid dairy products. These dairy products can increase mucus in the body.

Step 5

A doctor may diagnose you with sinusitis and suggest and antibiotic. If you are prescribed any antibiotic to help soother your sinus symptoms, you should take all of the medication even if you feel better. You should finish the course of medication until it is all gone. If you don’t finish the medication you may be fostering a resistance to the medication in your body.

Step 6

Wash your hands before you blow your nose and after you blow your nose. Hand washing is crucial in keeping down infections.

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