How to Treat a Broken or Sprained Toe

If you hit your toe with a wall or any immobile object, it causes unbearable pain on the front of your toe. It can be devastating and you can be brought to a halt for some days. Difference between a twisted or a broken toe is very clear. A sprained toe begins to swell ad keeps on swelling for some days. The radiating pain in the whole area of toe is caused if the toe touches any hard object. A broken toe can be very painful. The swelling occurs in both the sprained and the broken ones but the area becomes blue and black in case of broken toe. An immediate x-ray is necessary if you get that the toe is broken. A proper medical checkup should be done on severity. The treatment for a broken toe is very simple and all the doctors give the same treatment to their patients. Following is the procedure that should be given in cases of toe injuries:

At once frost your sprained/broken toe to lessen the inflammation. Do not apply pressure. It causes more blood to flow in the toes which is damaging.

  • Swelling can be minimized if the foot is elevated because the lesser blood flow will not let the swelling grow. Open toe shoes are also very helpful to subside the swelling.
  • Support should be provided to the broken toe so that it may be immobilized and kept straight. Toe sticks may be taken for this purpose, which act as splints. Place one stick above and the other below your broken toe. Tighten them with the help of plaster or doctor tape like this Zero Waste Body Tape. It can keep your toe straight. The procedure is known as buddy taping which is very useful for the broken toes’ realignment.
  • A pain relieving drug will help reduce the pain in the toe. Apply ointment to your injured toe to help it go straight. Athletes use many ointments which can also be used by you. These balms can restore the former condition of the toe more adequately because they are made for sports injuries.
  • Regular baths can be taken by you if you change the dressing of the broken toe after every bath. You should examine your toe every morning, so that if it is not healing you may go to a chiropodist for the advices.
  • If your body conditions are all right and diet is absolutely perfect, you can easily avert your toe disorders. You should start wearing normal shoes at least after four to six weeks. Age matters a lot in healing process of your toe. Old people bear many problems.  Support, bandage, liniment, rest, and proper precautions are the ways by which you can alleviate much of your sprains on toes.

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About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care. He is a regular contributor to MegaHowTo and lives in Canada.

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