How to Travel Abroad as a Vegan

Traveling abroad as a vegetarian/vegan doesn’t have to be a complicated event.The key to making your trip about easy as a vegan is to do your research. Some countries are more vegetarian/vegan friendly than others. Places like France can very easily accommodate the vegetarian/vegan tourists. In other countries where meat and dairy are main dietary staples, it make be very difficult for a vegetarian/vegan to find suitable meals there. Search websites and travel brochures to find out more about the country you intend on visiting.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Local Guidebooks
  • Travel Books
  • Cups

Step 1

When traveling to a different country there will most likely be a language barrier (if you are not fluent in the language or dialect spoken there).When you reach your destination, pick up a pocket dictionary to help you with the language barrier if there is one. Look inside the pocket dictionary and make sure there is a list of words that cover common foods served in restaurants. This will give you some knowledge as to what to expect locally.

Step 2

The country may have local vegetarian agencies than can help point you in the right direction. If that country does have a vegetarian agency they may have a list of restaurants that suit your needs.

Step 3

Before you leave for your trip, post bulletins in vegan friendly forums. Ask people who have been to these countries what your options are. There isĀ  lots of information available in these forums.

Step 4

Don’t be afraid to make your own food choices at a restaurant. If you don;t see anything that fits your tastes on the entree menu there are other ways. Choose from the appetizer menu. They are sure to have salads, vegetables and other side items that are suitable for you to eat.

Step 5

Go local grocery shopping. Buy basic essentials to fill your belly like bread, fresh vegetables, and bottled water. You can use the new atmosphere to have an intimate picnic. Also try online websites likeĀ, normally you will find more options online than asking around somewhere you do not know well.

Step 6

Pack your own utensils likes cups and plastic forks and spoons. You may need them while you travel.

Step 7

Choose your vacation spot wisely. If you are a strict vegan, you should choose countries that are most likely to fit your culinary needs.

Step 8

Alert your hosts prior to your arrival of your eating habits. Most guests will seek to accommodate eating habits as long as they are aware. They can better suit your tastes when you arrive and give them detailed preferences.

Step 9

Use a tour operation to plan a trip abroad. There are also tour operations available that specializes in vegan/vegetarian travels and accommodations.

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About the Author: Carl Tackett is a travel enthusiast. He has traveled to over 50 destinations all over the world. Currently, he is residing in England. He loves to write about traveling and helping fellow travelers.

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