How to Shop for Curtains

Curtains do not merely provide a cover to your windows. They are important factors governing the décor of a house and provide an ambience to the whole surroundings. There are so many different colors, styles and fabrics to choose from, that purchasing curtains can be quite a mind-boggling job. A few tips to help you choose the right thing are:


Measure your window. Your fist step should be to measure your window. Ideally, your chosen curtain should be from four to six inches wider than the corresponding curtain to facilitate that the curtain properly protects the house from sunlight. The length of the chosen curtain should also be measured such that it is two to four inches in excess to the length of the area you want covered. If you want a dramatic charm, select curtains that run throughout the length of the window and touch the floor. You may also select extra long curtains that run right from the ceiling to the floor.

Choosing the fabric. Your next task will be to choose the right fabric for your curtain. You can choose from a variety of fabrics, depending on your taste, room theme and budget.

  • Sheer fabrics. Sheer fabrics are made up of laces or very thin or pure fabric that will let in some amount of sunlight. The sheer fabric allows sunlight to penetrate slightly even if the curtains are drawn close. This fabric is best of the number of windows in your house is few since it will allow you as much light as possible.
  • Thick fabrics. However, of the number of windows in your house is quite large, then you should preferably go in for thick fabrics as these will block out the sunlight. For bedrooms, choose blinder curtains, since they cut off sunlight completely and can help you to sleep longer. Thick fabrics are usually costlier.

Selecting the curtain rods. The selecting part does not end at the fabric, for the rods need to be chosen as well. You may go in for simple rods that are made of polished iron or aluminum and need mere placement over the brackets. You may also go in for ornate wooden brackets. The curtains in this case are tied to the rod to give a better view of the rod.

Picking the color. The color chosen for your curtain should be such that it complements not only the wallpaper but also the color scheme of the house. You may go in for a color that is richer than the wallpapers so that it adds to the aura and charm in the room.

To make your curtains more appealing, you may add satin ribbons or scarves to tie them. Keeping all these points in mind, shopping for curtains will after all not be so difficult.

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