How to Transfer Music From iPod to iTunes

iPod is one of the mostly used electronic devices for listening to music. This will have an internal memory, which will allows you to store a large amount of data. The iPod is developed by the Apple, a leading computer manufacturing company. Coming next to the iTunes, it is application software which is used to listen to music in the computer. This article will give you a keen idea to add the music from your iPod to the iTunes. Basic necessity for this, you need an iPod, iTunes and a computer.

  • To transfer music, the basic thing you need to do is to connect the iPod to the computer; this can be done with the help of a USB cable which is given with the iPod. Immediately after you connect the iPod, iTunes opens and ask you for sync up means, just click on NO.

  • When the iPod is connected, just open the My Computer and look there for the iPod icon and double click it to open it in a new window. Mostly it will be the drive next to internal drives you have.
  • If the operating system is windows vista then open the drive detected for the iPod and click on ORGANIZE. Now in the folder options tab available, select the view as show all hidden file and folders.
  • If the operating system used is windows XP, then to make the hidden folders and files to be visible, click on the tools below the title bar and choose folder options and in this select the option button which show hidden file and folders. At last click on the apply button.
  • When all the above mentioned things are done, you will have a folder named iPod control; this folder will have all the contents of the iPod and the basic things such as Contacts, photos, iPod control, notes, etc. now save all the things in your computer at any location you want to save.
  • The main thing where you face problem is the iPod control folder, this is a time consuming job and at the same time a needed one. Simultaneously open the iPod control and the music folder. Now copy one by one from the iPod control folder to the music folder of your computer. The files will be named as F00, F01 and so on.
  • It’s the time to open the iTunes, to add the music to iTunes; all you need to do is to copy the folder that you had copied from the iPod to the iTunes’s library’ music. This will make the iTunes to read the music content from the iPod.
  • Thus your iPod can be synced to your computer without any data loss and with good transfer rate.

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