How to Transfer Files to an External Hard Drive

External hard drive is one of the greatest secondary storage devices. The data storage capacity of external hard drive is in the range of tera bytes. So you need not worry for taking data from one place to another. This article will give you some basic ideas about the external hard drives and how to use it.

When you buy the external hard drive keep in mind, what capacity you need. If you need to store multimedia files and so on then buy a large capacity one or the usage is only for sharing of documents means lesser capacity one will be enough. ProMAX discusses what type of storage is the best for each user.

External hard drive is usually connected through the USB cable. This is globally followed, so you can carry them to any place in the world.

To transfer data, simply plug the external hard drive into the USB port, the operating system will detect that some device is connected. And the scan process is initiated, after the scan is completed, the compute will show the drive in the My Computer from there you can transfer the need data to and from external hard drive. The external hard drive is one of the best devices for data backup. It allows you to backup a large amount of data and at the same time, there are much software available which backup data automatically.

Now let us know how to transfer data to external hard drive manually without using the backup software. Here we have two ways,

If you need to save a number of things, then select the needed files right click on them and click on save as button and select the device where you want to save the items.

If you need to save thousands of items means, you open the window for external hard drive from the My Computer. A window will open now; now open the window where the data which is needed is available. Now select the item needed and just drag it from that window and put it on to the next window, this will transfer the data easily. This can be done for all the files, but try to do it one y one in order to have a high data transfer rate.

If your data transfer task is done, it’s your time to unplug external hard drive in a proper manner. Improper removal of external hard drive may crash the device, so keep this in your mind. In the right side corner, you will note a green color symbol indicating that some external device is connected. Select it and click the stop button.

It will ask to confirm your decision, when you confirm, it shows a message that Safe to Remove the device. When you see this message unplugs it.

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