How to Train your Dog to Walk by Your Side

Many people attempt to teach a dog to heel by putting him on a leash and physically correcting the dog when he makes mistakes. There are a number of things seriously wrong with this approach, the first being that most people do not want precision heeling; rather, they simply want the dog to follow or walk by their side. Second, when physically restrained during “training,” even though the dog may grudgingly mope by your side when “handcuffed” on leash, let’s see what happens when he is off leash. History! The dog is in-the next county because he never enjoyed walking with you on leash and you have no control over him off leash. So let’s just teach the dog off leash from the outset to want to walk with us. Third, if the dog has not been trained to heel, it is a trifle hasty to think about punishing the poor dog for making mistakes and breaking heeling rules he didn’t even know existed. This is simply not fair! Surely, if the dog had been adequately taught how to heel, he would seldom make mistakes and hence there would be no need to correct the dog. Remember, each mistake and each correction (punishment) advertise the trainer’s inadequacy, not the dog’s. The dog is not stubborn, he is not stupid and he is not bad. Even if he were, he would still require training, so let’s train him properly.

Dog walking side

Let’s teach the dog to enjoy following us and to want to walk by our side offleash. Then it will be easier to teach high-precision off-leash heeling patterns if desired. After attaching the leash for safety on outdoor walks, but before going anywhere, it is necessary to teach the dog specifically not to pull. Now it will be much easier to teach on-leash walking and heeling because the dog already wants to walk with you, he is familiar with the desired walking and heeling positions and he knows not to pull.

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