How to set a Trap for a Young man in Hopes of a Relationship

Neither man nor beast enjoys feeling that a trap is about to close upon him, and as soon as he senses its presence, his reaction is to flee. So if you have decided to set a trap for a young man, the last thing you should do is to let him become aware of your intentions.

The education of young girls has always centered around the art of ‘how to catch a husband’, and the education of boys has centered around the necessity of ‘how to avoid feminine traps’. Formerly the essential asset of a young girl was her virginity, together with her dowry; now this is largely a thing of the past.


In the upper classes, decades ago, husband-hunting was practiced only in drawing-rooms by the parents themselves, and there was no opportunity for a well-bred young girl to meet men elsewhere than at chaperoned dances, which is one reason why a misalliance was so much more scandalous. But now the hunting grounds have moved from drawing-rooms to universities and, if a husband hasn’t turned up there, to offices. In the Paris Medical School alone, ten per cent of the women students admit having enrolled only in order to meet a future doctor, and the supreme triumph for a girl is to capture him when he is in his last year and she is only in her first.

Men students to whom I have spoken were very sensitive on this subject, and if twenty percent of them marry while they are still at university they know very well that they are choice quarry for the girls who, once they have graduated, will never again find such a marvelous game preserve. And so they are very quick to sense the approach of a magazine-style ‘siren’, with all her arsenal of artificial seduction, her assets in full display, and her well-learned lessons. It would seem that only idiots are now foolish enough to let themselves be caught by such means. The rest of the young men quickly drop girls who are:

  • Over-possessive and who make a scene if, after three consecutive Saturday night dates at the films they take another girl to the football match;
  • Too aggressive as to the future; they detest being quizzed about their future plans, the number of children they’d like to have, and their favorite color in bedspreads;
  • Too eager to have them meet the girl’s parents
  • And, in general, all girls who overdo things.

I was surprised and delighted to note that, in the final analysis, young men still appreciate the same qualities in a woman and that at the top of the list they still put ‘sweetness’, ‘discretion’, and ‘understanding’. They still ask for nothing more than to protect their wives, to offer them their names and to support them, but they don’t want to be treated like insects that are slowly devoured by the females they have fertilized. They are willing to make all the important decisions together, and they have admitted that their wives have the same right to sexual pleasure as they do, but they still wish to retain the illusion that they are the ones who dispense it. After centuries of being the masters, they don’t want to be reduced all of a sudden to the rank of mere tools or women’s slaves.

And so my advice, dear huntress Diana, is to conceal your bow and arrows, to banish the word ‘marriage’ from your conversation as well as the motto, so dear to the French, of ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’, to seek advice rather than to give it, to radiate human warmth and bourgeois comfort, in order to let yourself finally be ‘caught’ by the man of your choice.

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About the Author: Alan Kennon lives a very happy life with two kids and a lovely wife. He likes to share his life time experiences with others about how they can improve their lifestyle and personality.

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