How to Train your Dog to Follow You

Start by training your dog to follow you, visit Ridgeside K9 Ohio`s official website to learn more some tips on how to do it! Many puppies will follow if you simply walk away from them and maybe click your fingers or chuckle. Adult dogs may require additional enticement to stimulate them to follow, such as a training lure or, at the very least, a lively trainer. To teach the dog to follow: (1) keep walking and (2) walk away from the dog. If the dog attempts to lead or lag, change pace; slow down if the dog forges too far ahead, but speed up if he lags too far behind. Say “Steady!” or “Easy!” each time before you slow down and “Quickly!” or “Hustle!” each time before you speed up, and the dog will learn to change pace on cue. If the dog lags or leads too far, or if he wanders right or left, simply walk quickly in the opposite direction and maybe even run away from the dog and hide, even more if you have a frenchie as these dogs are energetic, a cute frenchie no pull harness is a great way to discipline your pup to not pull you everywhere.

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Dog Follow You

Practicing is a lot of fun; you can set up a course in your home, yard or park to do this. Indoors, entice the dog to follow upstairs, into a bedroom, into the bathroom, downstairs, around the living room couch, zigzagging between dining room chairs and into the kitchen for dinner. Outdoors, get the dog to follow around park benches, trees, shrubs and along walkways and lines in the grass. (For safety outdoors, it is advisable to attach a long line on the dog, but never exert corrective tension on the line.) If you need more tips, check the Stuart Dog Trainer website and request an appointment.

Remember, following has a lot to do with attitude, your attitude! Most probably your dog will not want to follow Mr. Grumpy Troll with the personality of wilted lettuce. Lighten up, walk with a jaunty step, whistle a happy tune, sing, skip and tell jokes to your dog and he will be right there by your side. More dog training tips at Gateway Havanese.

If you still lack on knowledge nor experience about dog training, you can easily visit and approach Spectrum Canine – professional dog trainers to train your dog.

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