How to Build a Wood Retaining Wall

For many home owners it retaining wall are great to build wood retaining walls so that you can prevent messy erosion of soil in the garden or at the back of your house. Some gardens will be transformed into beautiful and artistic garden when wood retaining walls are made but it still depends on your plan and desire. You could add a metal roof for extra protection from the elements. As long as you call a professional Metal roofing restoration service every few years to keep your roof in top condition, you should be able to take advantage of your new build to the fullest.

The site of your retaining wall and the materials you will use to make it. There are many materials you can use which can be ideal to achieve on what look you may desire.


  • Stones, wood and bricks
  • Rake
  • Gravel from a gravel supplier
  • Garden tools
  • Pipe or string
  • Measuring tools
  • mixture of concrete or adhesive materials to be use
  • Paint ( as desired)


  1. It is very important to have a plan in what retaining wall you will need in your front garden or at the back of your house. It is good to have a good site so that all your plan and desire will be constructed properly.
  2. Ensure that all the materials you will need are already available like the right wood for wood wall paneling and shade of the materials to have the desired outcome of your project.
  3. You can use other natural materials that can be found in your own backyard, these are like beautiful stones and natural shape of the location.
  4. Use your gardening tools to clear all long grasses or soil that not desirable in your project,
  5. The next thing to do is to have the right measurement of the wall using the measuring tools. It is very important to have the height which needs to be equal or it can be less of the half of the base.
  6. Use the string or the pipe so that you can mark the boundaries of the wall.
  7. Use the shovel and have a mark on the area where you can dig 1 foot or your desired depth. To have a good a foundation is very important so you won’t have to do a foundation repair anytime soon, if you do need one then learn How Waterproofing Will Save You Money In The Long Run.
  8. Have a mixture of your concrete on the layer which can prevent the water from entering your boundaries.
  9. Align the wood and units so that it can be in place.
  10. Be sure to fill the holes in the blocks with the cement.
  11. If you are using stones and bricks you may not use any cement to combine it.
  12. Continue the process while you are making the layers of the walls and have the desired wall height.
  13. When you are already sure that the stability of the wall is good you can now paint the wall if it is made up of wood or plant your favorite plants to make your wall warmer in the eyes.

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