How to Train Your Cat to Lie Down

This particular trick does not rely on the behaviours that have been taught in the previous sequence of tricks. We are training the cat in a new foundation behaviour that can be built on for the next trick. This particular trick differs from the trick of sitting on command, which requires very little physical intervention. This one involves more hands-on intervention from the trainer.

Training objective: To instruct your cat to lie down on his side.

Training steps

    • Say the word “Down”, and gently push your cat down and off his feet.
    • While pushing your cat down, keep on repeating the word “Down” in a firm but gentle voice.

        • When you feel the resistance ceasing, gently push your cat over on to his side to lie down. Say the word “Good”, reward him with food treats and lots of praise. When you initially push your cat down you will be aware of his body resisting your pushing efforts. Do not move your hand in a stroking motion, keep your hand in one position over his body as you push him down. Your first attempt may result in your cat attempting to run away from you, so when you start pushing, use your other hand to steady him for a few seconds and then lift it off.
        • When your cat is down on his side, say the word “Stay”, and reward him with his food treats.
        • The training sequence covering Steps 1 to 4, will need to be reinforced, probably over a few lessons. The aim is to train him by using one hand only to do the pushing movement at this stage.
        • After these training steps have been carried out a few times, you will notice your cat will show less resistance to your hand. It is important to keep praising him and offering him food treats each time he lies down for you.
        • You will soon reach the stage that as you say “Down”, you will simply have to hold your hand out and your cat will lie down, without any physical prompting.

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