How to Train Your Cat to Get On With Other Cats

You cannot put two cats, who have never seen each other before, into the same room and expect them to strike up an instant friendship. However, there are some measures that can be taken to integrate the newcomer. The time it takes to achieve harmony varies, depending on the environment, the age, variety, sex and character of the newcomer. It is often easier to integrate a kitten with an adult; it can take longer with two adults.

Equipment: Optional – claw-clippers, bedding, treats, cardboard box, kitten pen, fishing-rod toy.

Training objective: To integrate a newcomer into your household in the shortest time, and without any bloodshed.

Training steps

  1. Clip the cats’ claws before first introductions are made.
  2. Cats rely very heavily on their sense of smell, so place your new cat or kitten in his carrier on a blanket that has been used by your existing pet. In this way your pet’s coat starts to absorb the familiar smell of your home. Some owners even smear their new arrival’s coat with pilchard sauce or similar to encourage the existing residents to lick the newcomer’s coat after the introductory period has passed.
  3. Supervise early introductions – little and often is the best principle. Make sure there are plenty of bolt-holes available for both the new cat and the existing cats. Open cardboard boxes placed in the room provide temporary bolt-holes.
  4. If you have a kitten pen or carrier large enough to accommodate feeding and water bowls, bed and litter tray, place the newcomer inside it during the introduction period. Both new and existing cats will be able to sniff and look at each other without conflict.
  5. Feed the newcomer with the other cat or cats in the same room, but using separate bowls placed close to each other. Usually the cats become so engrossed in their food that you can take the opportunity to move the bowls into closer proximity to each other.
  6. Stage a play session so that the cats can interact with each other. One of the fishing-rod types of toy is ideal for this purpose.

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