How to Tidy Up Things Instantly

I was once asked in an interview what I would do if my mother-in-law announced that she was 10 minutes away and my house was in utter chaos. I have to admit that I have occasionally thrown things into the downstairs cupboard on the arrival of an unannounced guest but, for the most part, my house is neat and tidy enough to receive guests at any time. I can’t help it. I really am tidy.

But who needs the drama of trying to tidy up instantly? Doing the small things every day and getting everyone in the house to be responsible for themselves are much easier. Set the example. Make the small things part of your daily rou­tine. Wipe out the bathroom sink every time you use it. Five seconds? Hang up your clothes whenever you change. Three minutes? Make your bed. Your mother told you to do it and it is good advice. It’s as simple as that. If these few things are done daily, your house will be generally tidy. Maybe not dust free and ready for inspection, but liveable in.

Bigger cleaning adventures need to be done periodically, some things with greater frequency than others. Make them part of the weekly, monthly or even seasonal routine and set aside the same time each week, month or half-year to clean so that you don’t forget.

If you live in a shared house there have to be some rules for the common good and everyone should obey them. Think about the things that your parents taught you when you were a child. Do you practise them now or are you still rebelling? If you have children, what are you teaching them?

How clean your house needs to be depends on you. Some people can’t live with a speck of dust – I have even heard of someone who employs a cleaner to wash her glasses every day. I just want my house to be relatively clean, with everything in its place and no papers lying about. I want it to look nice.

Pets are another responsibility and can present a cleaning challenge. We have two standard poodles, Sydney and Lola, who upon returning from the park every morning require at least a 15-minute clean-up. I wanted them and I gladly clean up after them. Remember who wanted the pet in your house!

The important thing to remember is that your house is your sanctuary. If it makes you happy, it’s perfect for you and for anyone who is invited inside.

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