How to Throw a Cast Net

Everyone wants to spend their leisure time in a more useful manner. Instead of just sitting in a place and hearing songs, you can just go to a nearby lake or river and do fishing. Most people love fishing with their family and friends. Fishing is an interesting hobby and this practice is more popular these days. Cast Netting is one of most popular method of fishing but it is older when compared to other methods. Fishing is more useful for the people who really live their life by fishing daily. The following tips fromĀ How Much Fish will help you throw a cast net successfully to catch more fish from water.


Get the bottom pocket cast net and get the loop which is situated at end of line and keep it around your dominant hand’s wrist. By doing this, you can avoid losing your cast net. You have to wound over the line in the same hand till you get the full strings of length of the wire.

Then take your net and stretch it out fully by lifting it and pull it by yourself up to its top to get the draw strings. You have to hang a weight in the other side for its proper working. You must make sure the weights would hang freely in both sides. If it is not hanging properly, then you have to adjust for their free movement. Then hold the cast net in same dominant hand by holding the string line which is about 12 inches and it is below the top position of net.

You have to grasp at the bottom position too; you can do it by your free hand. Then you should place it again in your dominant hand since it is leading edge of the net. Now you can see your cast net ready with the top edge having the coiled string and keeping your hand in leading edge.

You must keenly look at the angle of the net to make more fish. It is important to keep the net at 90 degree at your arm’s length by fully extending it and in turn it helps you in stretching the cast net completely when you are casting it.

Always your arms should be stretched enough and should not bend them at any point of time. Also you should release both of your hands simultaneously. Now you are ready to fish. Get a hook and attach it to the top position of net and insert some worms in it.

Then place the net by keeping it down in to water and start fishing. If there are any fishes that side, it will try to taste the worm which you have inserted. If there is any movement in the net, you have to suddenly get the net out of the water. Keep on fishing in this way.

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