How To Terminate a Call with Talkative Friends

Some people keep on talking after they start. It is likely to be, they are born in that way, or likely they might have accumulated much knowledge that they got something to say on it. Heeding with talkative friends is not going to be bad thing, but one may get irritated if it keeps on continuing. This happens more, when a talkative person keeps on talking about some useless things with no aim in their speech and not letting a chance for you to speak, you may curse the person silently. Sometimes you might have experienced a call on phone with some of your talkative friends where you might eagerly want to terminate the call. But, as you don’t like to do that thinking it might hurt his feelings you may come to a dilemma. What you want to do? Here are some tips to terminate a call with talkative friends.

  • Sign in to your Caller ID. Set a separate Caller ID for the talkative friends as you may know who is calling you. You may activate it but asking your phone company. Mostly all phones will have this option and it is highly required as it useful these days. As soon as your phone rings you may able to know whose call it is. Your Caller ID says that talkative person is calling and whether you want to attend it or not. And even if you want to attend the call, you may decide earlier for how long you can talk and how to terminate the call earlier.

  • Set call time limit earlier. Start talking usually and let him know that you can’t talk to him for a longer time. As you can mention him for how long you can talk and say the reason along with it. You can say that you got some work in home, but come on let’s talk for few minutes. Make excuses for a valid reason. You can say that you are not in mood to talk with him right now and will talk later. But don’t use this often as he may come to know that you are neglecting him or her.
  • Ask to call later. Here by saying this you may avoid hurting your talkative friend’s feelings by not hanging up the call. This will postpone your talk later. But make sure you call him later as you said to him. Or, you can ask him to call you back at some specific time.
  • Share what you talked with him then and there, so that he may assume that you are effectively listening to his conversation and he may ask you for some suggestions. You just summarize the discussion and make sure you are almost ready to hang up. It indicates that you got values and respect for his speech. If he is satisfied he will end up the call first and you may not get a chance to hang up first.

Some people just talk too much. As you know how to handle the conversation you may talk with the person without getting tensed or being rude.

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About the Author: Roberta Southworth is a psychiatrist by profession. She likes to help out people by writing informative tips on how people can to solve their family and relationship issues. She is currently staying in Ireland. She has 5 years of couple counseling experience.

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