How to Tell if a Puppy has Heart Problems

A puppy always seems to be happy. He will play with you with great joy even if he is having a heart problem. You’ll not be able to figure out that he is in danger. This is because a puppy with heart problem and a normal puppy, both behave in the same way. If you cannot find out the problem, your puppy can get serious problems in future. Without treatment if he gets elder, there is a possibility that this problem would become fatal for him. So you should try to figure out the problem if you see any irregularity in his behavior. Following are the ways by which you can determine if your puppy is suffering from any heart disease or not:

  • If you feel that your puppy is not interacting with you properly then he might have any kind of problem with him. Puppies usually love to play with you. They want to please you with their activities. But if your puppy is not doing anything other than lying on the floor with you then it’s an indication of heart problem. It doesn’t mean that he is having a heart problem but it means that he may be having it.

  • Check the heartbeat of your little pup. If it’s not normal then it’s the sign of heart problem. Usually if hear the heart beat with stethoscope, it is like ‘lub-dub-lub-dub’. But in case of any heart problem you’ll hear ‘lub-swish-dub’ instead of normal ‘lub-dub’.
  • Puppies love playing. After playing they look tired and go to sleep quickly. But if you ee your puppy getting very tired in just the middle of his play, he might have any problem with his heart. May be it is too weak that he gets tired so quickly. This is also possible that he sleeps longer than the normal puppies.
  • Consult the veteran regularly. He will check your puppy on regular basis and will try to find a solution for the problem. Only a professional veteran can tell if your puppy is having heart problem or anything else!

Once you have found that your puppy is having heart problem, you should take special care of him. Remember he is a little pooch just like a little baby who needs extra care. Visit your veteran time to time, so that you can make your puppy’s health better. You can not only save his life by taking care of him but also make his inner self strong. In short, you can still make him live happily with you.

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