How to Teach your Wife to Play Poker

I think you enjoy playing this Poker and your family may also enjoy at this. You can make a hell of fun if you make your wife play Poker with you. If your wife is open minded who surely will be, you can easily teach her how to play Poker.

But wait a minute; you must have some know-how of the game. Without this you cannot teach your wife effectively. If you have played the game and you think that you have mastered it, you should know that this is the time to teach this great game to your fair sex. Following are some important steps you should keep in mind while accomplishing this outstanding task:

  • Introduce basic poker regulations to your wife. Firstly, you must teach some basics of Poker to your wife. This consists of cards, some bets etc. Poker rules are available online which you can make her read.
  • You will become a better teacher if you play Poker with your wife. Spend most of your free time in playing Poker with her. Cards should be facing up in first two or three games so that something will be available to learn for her. That is, she will gain information about the rules and timings of bets. When she becomes familiar, you can start playing normal game.
  • Poker shows on TV build interest in the game. Make your wife watch Poker on TV as much as she can. If you have got time you can sit with her and watch the shows. This will create peaceful and calm atmosphere for your wife. You must also answer her questions while sitting there.
  • Poker is a game that may be enjoyed by you, your wife and your whole family. For this you must teach this game to your wife. Your efforts will bear fruit if your wife is ready.
  • Invite your friends, your relatives and other people to try Poker. Make your wife watch your game. This will create interest in the game.
  • People learn from their mistakes. Many online Poker tournaments are available. You should make your wife play these online Poker games. By this she will be able to gain confidence.
  • Make her play friendly poker games. There should be no serious Poker matches. Friendly matches of Poker enhance the learning process. I will suggest you to host some Poker matches at your home for your wife. Make your wife play with other people as well.
  • At the end, common interest will be shared by you and your wife that is very healthy for a prosperous life. Now, you will never play Poker alone with PC. You will have great fun while discussing Poker games and now your family will also be interested in these kinds of discussions. Especially, your darling will love Poker by then.

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