How to Teach Children not to play with Match Sticks

Children always like things that can hurt them. The major reason behind it is that they are naturally very curious about things. So when you forbid them to touch anything, they’ll definitely come and touch it. But it’s not the end. You can still teach them not to play with such dangerous things. And so we come to the topic of matches. It’s pretty much out of the question for a child to understand how a fire can spread so quickly and easily, and the amount of damage it can cause. If you notice matches and fire starting has peaked their interest then first and foremost I suggest you make sure you have the properĀ fire sprinkler installation already in place. It is very common for children to wait and hide from you as they do this, which can mean by the time you notice it might already be too late. Your next step should be trying to impart on to your child that playing with matches and fire and general is incredibly dangerous. Following are some ways in which you can tell your children that match sticks are not for playing:

Teach Yourself in front of children:

You love your children and thus for their safety you should teach yourself some points. Always put matchbox at a place where your child cannot reach, and make this act your habit. After using the match sticks, throw them in dust bin. Don’t leave them on the floor or on the shelf of your kitchen or else your children may encounter them. Act in front of your children in a manner that match stick is very dangerous thing. Don’t play with it in front of them. Always keep eye on your children. It can be possible that you put matchbox away from them but still they get it.

Tell the stories:

You can teach your children about the harms of playing with match sticks by telling them stories. Give them fake examples about the people who played with such stuff and got burnt. Describe them the consequences of playing with the match sticks.

Teach them to hand over:

Teach your children to hand over match sticks to the elder people. In school, if they found any stick they should give it to their teacher. At home, they can hand the sticks over to parents or elder siblings. Also teach your elder sons and daughters that they should not let the children play with matchboxes.

Teach them with actions:

Your children notice each and everything around them. So, watch programs on television that tells about the harmful effects of playing with fire. Watch movies in which fire causes destruction. Ignite the stick and act as if it hurt you. You children will get a sense that it is really a very dangerous thing and they will surely not play with the match sticks in future.

Education is necessary but you should also keep noting that your child is safe or not with what he or she is doing. When you’ll take care of them, nothing can harm them because it is the most effective teaching. Your children will not play with such stuff if you are watching them. So, always try to be with your children or at least have a regular look on what he is doing!

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