How to Talk to a Cat

Learn what a cat’s meow pitch indicates. A low-pitch meow means your cat is about to complain you something. A cat uses a mid-pitched meow to indicate that it wants or needs something. A high-pitch meow is a communication of anger or pain.

Communication with a cat:

Watch a cat’s tails for communication of his mood. He will point his tail straight upright when he is happy and arch its back slightly when he is curious. A slight twitching back and forth means he is getting irritated and rapid twitching means he is angry or intent on getting something.

Use repetitive language when trying to establish. Say the same while performing the same action helps your cat action. Keeping the same tone and using different tones for different actions is also important. The tone is much important as the words.

Pick words with a strong “e” sound at the end or add the “e” sound to words. Cats respond better to “e” sounds better than any other sound humans can make.

Speak firmly to your cat but do not yell when they have misbehaved. Yelling frightens the cat and doesn’t allow for any communication as to what she has done wrong getting through. Saying a firm “NO” while physically stopping them from doing the undesired action is more effective communication.

Communication between two species that do not speak the same language is not easy. However, you can learn to speak your cat’s language and help your cat understand what you are trying to communicate to him. By watching for your cat’s signals and body language and practicing some communication techniques of your own, you can bridge the communication gap between you and your cat. Cats are found to be very expressive creature. In each and every action you can find certain characteristics or emotion. If you find your cat rubbing its side on you can be noticed as its expresses it affection. This rubbing in turn helps it for another purpose; they used to mark you as its territory with its scent gland that is found on its cheek. The cats won’t like to be stared at; this indicates the start of a territorial fight, this held only with the male cats. It’s always a great pleasure for the one to know about the thoughts of you cat by its action and expression. But it’s not so easy to understand and one can achieve through years of experience by handling with these lovely furry creatures.

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