How to Find the Sex of Rats

If you have more than one pet rat you will need to be careful to find the sex of your rat before you decide whether or not to house them together. Rats breed very quickly and if you are not careful your two rats will quickly become 50 rats. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to find the sex of your rat so you can avoid any accidents.

  • Notice on the female that you can clearly see 12 nipples; they look like a series of dark colored dots. You should see nipples on baby girl rats by the time they are ten days.
  • Male rats have very larger testicles.
  • Female rats tend to be more petite (Smaller) than males.

  • Females tend to be more active and have more energy than males.
  • Male rats tend to be a bit overweight and lazier than females.
  • Female rats tend to have soft silky shiny hair, while male rats’ hair tends to be coarser and dull colored.
  • Female rats tend to smell much like grape soda. (A sweet smell)
  • Males tend to smell like tortillas.
  • Male rats can get rather stinky and dirty while out exploring and may need baths more frequently than females.
  • Male rats are much messier than girls and need their cages cleaned much more frequently.
  • Baby rats no matter what gender are very active.
  • Female rats are often referred to as “Does.”
  • Male rats are often referred to as “Bucks”.
  • Female rats if bred and then the breeding is stopped are prone to developing mammary tumors.
  • When female is in heat, She sticks her butt up in the air. When you touch her back she arches her back. She is overly jumpy or squeaky when you touch her. It has been rumored females in heat will wiggle their ears frequently. She runs and stops frequently. Overall agitated behavior.
  • Rats don’t have breeding seasons, but extremely hot or cold weather will decrease the frequency of mating. Female rats go into heat about every three to four days all year long. Going into heat usually begins in the evening and ends in the morning. Female rats enter menopause at around 18 months of age. Rats breed very quickly. Don’t keep male and female rats together unless you want to have lots of babies. Male and female rats will need to be separated at five to six weeks of age. Female rats do not have periods. If you notice vaginal bleeding take her to the vet immediately.

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