How to Take Fruit from a Date Palm Tree

Date trees are cultivated in almost all the countries because the Dates Fruit are very edible. The origin of date trees is not known but it is said that they came from North Africa or South West Asia. Pemborong Kurma  is a place where you can buy all varieties of dates fruit at wholesale prices in Malaysia.

Let’s suppose you were sleeping, suddenly something happened and you saw that you were in North Africa. Behind you is a wide ocean and there is sand all over in front of you. You start walking and after a few hours reach a spring with fresh water. You feel hungry but there is nothing except a date tree. Now how will you take dates off the tree?

Following are the tips by which you can safely eat dates from the tree:

What tree is it?

First of all confirm if the tree you are standing in front of is a date tree or not. Its leaves should be large and it should not have any branches. The fruit should be of yellow color when fully ripen. It should be very tall in height. Its stem should be consisted of three or four mini stems combined together. If all these symbols are there in that tree, it’s probably a date palm tree.

Climb Up and pluck the fruit:

Now if you are sure that it’s a palm tree, you need to get fruit from it. So start climbing up it and try to be careful. The tree is quite rough so it will help you in climbing.

Eat the ripped fruit:

Now you would be having fruits in your hands. Eat the fruit only if it is ripen enough. You can identify the ripeness from the color of the fruit. Usually the ripen fruit has a yellow color. Now after eating if you are still hungry you can try the unripe fruits too.

Store it:

Now you don’t know if there is another tree in your way in the desert so you should store much fruit for you to eat in future too. Now you can harvest the unripe fruits too, as the unripe fruits can be dried by placing them in front of direct sunlight.

This guide will surely help you whenever you visit North African areas or South West Asian countries. You can enjoy climbing up the trees and eating dates. But remember if you are in doubt that the tree is not a date tree; do not even taste its fruit. It may be poisonous and can be dangerous for you to eat. So be careful when going on an adventurous trip.

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