How to Take Care of Television Sets

The television set’s lifespan depends upon the type of set you have and the very care you give to it.  There is new plasma TVs, (Liquid crystal display) LCDs sets, as well as the old (cathode ray tubes) CRT TV sets out in the market.

Whichever may be the type of Television set we have, there are some basic guidelines to be noted while maintaining any TV set. So if you are interested to learn more stick on reading on this article.

  • Place the television on stable TV stand that is not cheap because it should be fit on a solid foundation so that TV does not topple. Follow the instructions of the set manufacturer if the TV set can be fitted on the wall. Contact the service representatives if there is any problem on mounting the TV on the wall.

  • Television sets have complications with different circuitry and wires. So, the television must be placed in a less temperature and in constant humidity area. Never expose TV to direct sunlight.
  • Place the TV set in free from dust area. Too much dust in the set can cause it to overheat as it hampers off proper ventilation. Often clean out the ventilation slits that are found at back of TV. Special hose attachment of vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the dusts from the ventilation slits.
  • Then use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth for cleaning the screen. Computer screen cleaner which is free from ammonia, alcohol, or other solvents can be used to clean the TV screen.  It also comes in microfiber cleaning clothes. Usage of strong cleaners may corrode the anti-glare coatings, so spray the liquid on the cleaning cloth first and not on the screen. Don’t scrub or give pressure but wipe gently.
  • The rest of the television parts should be cleaned using soft clothes.  If dust coating is accumulated on the outer casing then use damp clothes. Wipe off the cables too with dry clothes.
  • The TV set should be placed away from liquids which may spill on it. Liquid that spills off on the screen may discolor the pictures or may totally damage the TV circuitry. Ensure that the windows are sealed up during raining season if TV is kept near the window.
  • Never try to open the TV set for any repair works unless you know it. Contact a certified professional television service man to check and repair with your TV set. Hitting of the TV set is never a better idea to make it to work.

Always refer the reference booklet of the TV set for maintenance guidelines. The manufacturer itself would have given the instructions on how to take care of Television set.

Preventive maintenance can extend the life of television set. Stable stand, proper location and regular cleaning of the TV will give more enjoyment for your expensive investment. You may also try Spectrum Television Plans that offer on-demand services, you can simply choose from your remote and enjoy the show.

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