How to Strike an America’s Next Top Model Pose

Models have a way of posing that makes them look beautiful and brings the best out of their body. Tyra Banks and the models on America’s Next Top Model always know exactly how to pose to get the perfect picture. If you would like to be as good at posing or have a good body for posing as the women on America’s Next Top Model or in fashion magazines, you can consider getting a butt cupping in Long Island, NY to improve the appearance of your buttocks that can as well enhance your pose. You can also follows these posing tips and tricks.

  • Learn from the best and from the mistakes the contestants on America’s Next Top Model make. Look in fashion magazines and analyze the poses of the models, from the eyes to the position of the head to the arms and the rest of the body. Also, watch America’s Next Top Model and listen to the advice the girls get from the photographers or judges. They constantly explain how to pose better, so take notes and do it yourself. The critiques on the final pictures can prove very helpful as well because you get to see what mistakes they made and learn how to avoid them yourself.

  • Magazines such as Vogue and Elle serve as fashion icons, and the models that pose in them really know their stuff. Make a habit out of going through fashion magazines, and try to imitate the different poses of the models you see. Look into the mirror and practice a lot of different poses till you get them perfect. Don’t forget the facial expression stand out as very important, so don’t just get the right position for the legs, arms and body. Tyra very often says that when taking photographs models need to have the right look in their eyes in order to be sexy or playful or feminine. “It’s all about the eyes,” so practice your look in the mirror—not only your posture.
  • Get a full-length mirror to see your whole body while posing or practicing your runway walk. If you can record some of the episodes of the America’s Next Top Model show, watch them again and again until you learn all the tips and tricks the models get from Tyra, their trainers and photographers. Pause the video when one of the models strikes a perfect pose and try it yourself in the mirror. The poses won’t seem natural to you in the beginning and some might even feel uncomfortable to your muscles, but don’t give up. Practice makes perfect, and in time posing will come naturally to you. And only when it comes naturally can you get those beautiful pictures that you see in magazines and on America’s Next Top Model. Once you master posing, check this website where you can find out about free casting calls and auditions:

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