How to Stream Songs on your Xbox 360 to a Wireless System

The method of hearing to songs has been changing over the past existence. People have changed to digital tracks from CDs which are being stored in our computers. The biggest challenge is that, having our favorite songs on our computers which we want to listen in our room. If suppose we have a wireless system and windows dependent PC, we can legibly listen to our favorite songs on our computers through Microsoft X box 360 and so we should be thankful to it.

First of all before starting, we need a wireless system and Xbox 360 to receive the signals which are the main components.

Buy a wireless high velocity internet router.

  • Visit for looking out for the number of approved routers is better as some will clash with the Xbox.
  • To begin, you have to mainly have an Xbox 360 which has the ability to take delivery of that signal and a wireless system which are its main components.
  • You need to have your own Xbox 360 to find out the wireless system. Without an additional tool, Xbox 360 is never capable of finding out the wireless system when purchased. We should buy a wireless connector of Microsoft brand which costs around $100 or a negotiator that can connect the Xbox through internet cork or USB. Once this connection is made, our Xbox will automatically be turned on and it will be able to recognize the system.
  • Get new downloads of the optimized software from Microsoft through your computers. To download the exact software for our present operating system, we have to go to media download center of the Xbox. This will help us since it has what we were looking for. Probably the setup file and installation takes 30 minutes which will make the software get installed on your computer. You have to choose folders for sharing. First of all we need to get into the preferences and choose the sharing option, because we have to choose which folder has to be shared with our Xbox 360. A folder which contains our songs has to be chosen first, and then we have to move on to our Xbox 360.
  • The next thing is that we have to inform the Xbox about the place of your music. Go to the dashboard after booting up Xbox. Here we have to choose media blade to hear the music. We have to choose music and the network will query us about the place, where we want to hear the songs. Specify that you need to hear music on your system and hold on for some few minutes for the Xbox 360 will find our shared folders and produces the required information through your computer.
  • Now access to all songs of our computer has been obtained.

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