How to Stop Smoking with Acupuncture

Anyone who has tried to quit smoking knows such proves extremely difficult. Many have tried different methods of quitting smoking, only to find themselves smoking again after a while. Read more information on preventing relapse and the best ways to help a person with addiction.

A nasty habit, smoking damages health, ages skin and makes people around you criticize you for the smell and discomfort you create. Acupuncture can help people get rid of addictions such as drinking or smoking, get more tips at Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese technique, can treat a wide range of medical conditions, skin problems, cellulitis and most kinds of pain. Acupuncturists insert thin needles in the patient’s body along energy lines in the body. Depending on the type of treatment, the practitioner inserts needles in different parts of the body. It is not a painful procedure and triggers relaxation.

  • Locate a certified acupuncturist in your area and schedule a session. Before starting the actual acupuncture treatment, you will have a talk with the acupuncturist to establish your objective and describe your problem. Be honest with the therapist and describe the times of day when you’re most prone to smoke as well as moods and situations that trigger your desire to smoke. You should also mention how much you smoke and for long you’ve been a smoker. Depending on these factors, the acupuncturist will customize the treatment for your case.

  • The acupuncturist will probably insert needles in the ear area, the wrists and other points connected to your central nervous system. You will feel very relaxed, as acupuncture triggers the secretion of endorphins (a hormone is responsible for the state of happiness).
  • An acupuncture session lasts between a couple of minutes and one-half hour. Clear your schedule so you can completely relax and let acupuncture do its work.
  • You will have to undergo acupuncture treatment for a while before getting results. Your therapist will make a plan and discuss with you the various stages of your treatment. Feel free to tell your acupuncturist how you feel after each session and discuss any concerns you might have.
  • Even if you quit smoking after a few weeks of acupuncture, don’t stop the treatment. Keep going to your acupuncturist for a few months to make sure you kick the habit for good. Statistics show it takes several months before all the nicotine leaves a smoker’s body, thereby allowing her to completely overcome the habit. If you still can’t quit smoking cigarettes, you can switch to vaping similar to the ones at horizon falcon king Vaping which is definitely much more safer. Just make sure to buy vape juice online with less nicotine. Learn more about rehabilitation at the New You Drug and Alcohol Association.
  • Acupuncture treatment can prove moderately expensive or even quite expensive, depending on the location and credentials of the therapist. Think about all the money you spend on cigarettes and the treatment will prove a better use of your money. Acupuncture will not only help you quit smoking, but it will also give you a calm state of mind and strengthen your immune system.

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