How to Start a Search Engine business

With the increase in e-businesses, more and more people want to have their business running. They start thinking about the methods and schemes of different businesses in their minds. One successful business can be a search engine business. You can earn a great sum of money from this business. Following are the tips that can help you in running your own search engine business:


  • Choose a name for your search engine. The name should be catchy and easy to remember. If it’s also easy to type, then it would be better. The brand name should get people’s attention. It should be very creative also. So that you can get a quick success with your business.

  • Get a crawler. A crawler is special software that search different websites and follows the links in it too. You can get crawlers from internet. You can make your own crawler too. But for that purpose you should have good skills in web programming. Your crawler should be efficient enough to handle lots of URLs.
  • Since you are going to run a search engine business. You would require a lot of bandwidth. Choose the hosting plan that provides you with several gigabytes of disk space. Or you can go for private VPS. You can also purchase your own servers but obviously this will cost you much.
  • Google Adsense can help you with earning revenue from your website. Create you account at Google Adsense and place ads on your search engine. It will show the ads as placed by Google. More the visitors on your website, the more revenue you will be able to get with it.
  • Now your crawler should be programmed to create an index of the websites. This is actually a list of the WebPages with other information about them too. These can be directly shown on the search engine result page when a search is made. The list should be ordered so that the search engine is able to display them in some specific structure.
  • Now it’s the time to test and customize your search engine. You can start a beta test program or can test the engine locally. You can also get free source codes that can help you in customizing the page. However, if you want to customize it yourself, you need to know HTML and basic programming language too. Once the testing and customization is completed, your search engine is ready to be installed on the hosting machine.
  • Market your search engine to drive as much traffic to it as you can.

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