How to Socialize Your Dog

Socialize your dog at his own pace. Rushing this process can result in him becoming nervous and timid, even aggressive, or it could make formed behaviour problems worse, rather than alleviating them. Make introductions to new experiences short and sweet so that your dog views them as good things. Here are some examples.

Going to the vet

Arrange to take your dog just for gentle handling and a treat from your vet, so that he doesn’t associate going to the vet with purely unpleasant experiences.

Socialize Dog

Car travel

Feed your dog in the car, or have games in it with the doors open (parked in a safe, off-road spot) to begin with, so that your dog sees the car as a nice thing to be in. Then make initial journeys very short, ending with going for an enjoyable walk before returning home.

Staying in boarding kennels

Arrange to take your dog to the kennels to meet the staff and to play games with him there. Then take him again another day and leave him for an hour or so, with a toy and his bed for familiarity, so that he learns that you will come back for him. Progress to a day, and then an overnight stay.

Being groomed

Accustom your dog to being regularly groomed by you and other family members, and friends if possible, so that if he needs to go to a grooming parlour and be groomed by strangers it won’t be so much of a problem for him. Take him to the parlour for an initial visit to meet the staff, then when he goes for the real thing he is more likely to feel comfortable about it. Some parlours don’t mind you staying while your dog is groomed, but some dogs are better behaved when their owners are not there.

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