How to Skin Polish

Polishing the skin is a process of removing the dead cells on the surface of the skin. It makes the visibility of new cells and also makes the skin to look smooth, soft and glowing. To achieve an effect on the skin, some special ingredients are used. It is a combination of mechanical and chemical exfoliation. For example, crushed shells may be used and followed by a chemically based exfoliants. There are some kinds of toning and moisturizing process that makes the procedure complete. The Face Place clinic offers different skin care plans that include products and treatments for you to achieve and maintain a glowing complexion.

Here are some ways which will really help you to polish your skin and can give you a glow on your skin.


First find out the type of your skin and check that which product will suit your skin. Be very careful in buying the products for your face skin because the facial skin is very delicate. So, without knowing what your skin needs, do not buy any counter products. If you apply the products which your skin does not accept, then you will face a lot of problems such as irritation, pimples, black spots, skin pale, etc. So, do not risk your face skin any time because your face skin is very smooth and very delicate. The products with salicylic acid are often recommended by doctors. Do not do over skin polishing because over skin polish will damage your skin and also removes the new cells of the skin.

Face polish alone is not enough. You must also polish your body. If you polish your face alone, it will look odd or uneven if we look the face and the neck together. So, while you polish your face, polish your body evenly. But always use the products which your dermatologist recommends. Polish your body and your feet during your bath time. Use brushes with long handle. Because brushes with long handles will help in reaching your back. Polish your skin without any rush to prevent your skin from being hurt. After rinsing the polish, you will get a feel of glowing skin. For a better effect, use a good moisturizer. By using a moisturizer you will also get a better experience.

Your feet also need to be polished. It is also a part of your body that carries the entire body and does all physical work such as walking. It will be much better if you treat your feet with rejuvenation and relaxation. But it is better to consult the doctor for this. For foot polish, the polish stronger than skin polish and face polish are often recommended by the doctors.

Soak your feet in warm water. You can also do it when you take bath. Rub your skin very rigorously and also give some attention towards your toes. Pumice stone can also be used for this purpose. The pumice stone will help you in removing the calluses in your feet. But do not over use the pumice stone because it may also hurt your feet. Apply moisturizers for your feet and use soft socks and slippers. Thus, by doing so you can prevent feet callus.

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