How to Sew a Patch on Your Jeans

Patching jeans is a simple process, depending on where the hole is. If the hole is in the knee, thigh or butt of the jeans, the patching of the hole is very easy and fun. If the hole is present in the groin of the jeans, use your wisdom to find out if patching will be worth the effort.

Materials needed are:

  • Fabric
  • Jeans
  • One pair of Fabric Scissors
  • Some pins

A needle and a thread

  • Get hold of a small piece of a fabric that you like. However, it should be larger than the size of the hole, at least 1 inch from all the sides. Use a fabric scissors to cut the fabric. Any other scissors if used will cause the fabric to shred. Go in for a bright colored fabric with a dark colored pair of jeans. If your jeans are simple denim material, avoid blue, as it will barely be visible. Patterns are fun. Do not be afraid to mix and match the patterns as when your jeans get more and more worn out. Just try to be cautious.
  • Turn your jeans inside out. The inner side of the jeans must be facing you.
  • Secure the patch on the hole by making use of some pins. Use lots of pins, as overdoing it is better than to run out of enough. Use thimbles if you want as you may hurt your finger with a pinprick.
  • Now, sew the patch with hand or a sewing machine. In case you are sewing the patch with your hand, try to place the stitches at as much equal distances as possible. Sew stitches of the same size or the whole thing will look very messy. Snip the thread once you are finished with the sewing.
  • Turn your jeans outside in.

In case your jeans do not have a hole, you may still patch them to give them a sporty and sexy look. You can do this in any of the two ways specified below:

A. Choose an area where you would like to sew a patch. Cut a hole there.

B. Put the patch on the chosen spot and sew it on. However, the patch may look messy this way.

You may even cut off the bottom of the jeans. For this, find any piece of a fabric that is 1 inch wider than the two sides of the cuff you want. It should be long enough to go all the way around the leg and there is still enough left to do the sides. When your cuff is ready, place it on with pins and sew it. This looks even cuter if your jeans have a patch, which matches with the same. This skill improves with practice and soon enough you will be a pro.

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