How to Set Up a Jewelry Business

If your passion lies in making jewelry, then you should set up a jewelry business to make some money while doing what you love, since now a days get products like diamonds is relatively easy, you can even go online to find where to buy a pink diamond to create amazing jewellery. You can use the internet to set up a jewelry business with very little or no money. There are a variety of websites that will permit you to sell your jewelry, and you can also source jewelry products from different jewelry manufacturers as well as ear piercing and Body Piercing Jewellery Suppliers. They charge nominal fees and take a small percent of your profit; this is a convenient way to set up a jewelry business. Here is how you can set up your very own jewelry business.


Things You’ll Need:

  • Jewelry
  • Camera
  • Website
  • Gift boxes, variety of sizes
  • Labels
  • Clear bags

Step 1

You can set up your own store online. Sign up at websites like Etsy, eBay or icraft. Follow the online directions to set up your jewelry store.

Step 2

You should take photographs of each piece of jewelry design you offer.  These pictures should be of the jewelry not packaged. Ask a friend to help you model the jewelry, or you can use stands. You should take clear photos of the areas of the body the jewelry goes on. For example, a close up of the hand of the model is wearing a ring. Take more photos of the jewelry in the packaging. You want your customers to be able to see how the product is packaged so they can adjust their gift wrapping correctly.

Step 3

Name every piece of your jewelry. Write a description for every product. You can tell what the material is made from and why the name was given to it. Use the same description and naming info on the listing on the website. Include a small print out of the information about the jewelry and include it in the packaging when you mail off orders.

Step 4

Price the jewelry according to how much time it takes you to make the piece and what the materials cost you to make piece. Create a small price tag to place with jewelry in the packaging and on the website.

Step 5

When you ship orders out package the jewelry in a labeled gift box. Make sure the gift box has a clear lid. Also place the gift box into clear bags to give extra protection during shipment.

Step 6

Place a list of all the items on your website. Follow the directions of the website you use.

Step 7

You can advertise your store on flyers, bulletin boards at local stores and shops. You can start a blog about having a jewelry business. Place link to each of your custom pieces that are for sale on the site. Chat with friends on message boards. Put your website address in your signature line.

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