How to Set up a New Fish Tank Heater

Setting your aquarium heater should be relatively easy, but it may be time consuming, depending on how easy it is to adjust the thermostat control, how close to the correct temperature your heater is to begin with, and how good you are at making very fine adjustments with the thermostat control.

First, make sure that your fish and plants need the same temperature. Naturally, it’s a bad idea to keep fish which prefer different temperatures. The same goes to plants. When you select the right fish species and the tank which should be large enough for all of them, you should choose the right accessories including heater for the tank. Generally, larger aquariums need more powerful heaters, look at the ambiance Alpha heater reviews. The smallest aquariums on the market need only some 25 watt heater, but 300 L / 75 Gallon tanks require 300 or more watt heaters for sure. The size of the heater does matter and is also important from this point of view: Even a 50 watt heater can heat a 300 L aquariums, but the speed how the required temperature is achieved is very questionable. Naturally, if your aquarium has a lid, then warming up goes very fast!

When adjusting your thermostat, it is important to make very small adjustments. The thermostats for these devices are usually very sensitive and set to only operate in a limited range, so large or gross adjustments can make a very big difference in temperature.

Don’t forget to place your heater at the place where the water current will flow to. This is usually somewhere nearby the filter and this place shouldn’t be overgrown with high plants. Also, the heater should be fully submersible and waterproof too. Spend more money on buying a quality heater, so you will not get up and find out that your fish are dead, because the heater immersed itself.

Once the heater is in place and plugged in, check to see if the indicator light is on. Your heater should have an indicator light (usually red or orange) to indicate whether the heater is currently heating. If the heater is on, turn the thermostat control down carefully until the indicator light just turns off. Do this whether the water temperature is too cool or not. Leave the heater for at least half an hour and then return to check the temperature. You can find theĀ best fish tank for sale for your fish here.

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