How to Sell T-shirts Online

With the advancement of technology, entrepreneurs in all ages have shown great enthusiasm for making profits through selling their products online. Students and non-profit organizations have had lots to be thankful for regarding online shops because of the high demand of personalized T-shirts on the market. If you own a T-shirt shop, you too can market your merchandise online to reach a wider audience. You can even customize the design of the shirts with the help of custom apparel screen printing or Direct to Garment Printing Shirts services.

Step 1

Ensure your shirts have eye-catching logos, words or phrases, and illustrations. You will need a graphic or fine artist to guide you on which logos or illustrations are most profitable for kids, teenagers and the not-so-young consumers. A choice of embroidery, painting, silk screening and embellishment offer creative ideas to make your T-shirt more marketable. Shoutout to Visit their site for stunning wolf & bear themed clothing.

Step 2

Before you start selling your shirts, create several designs. Determine whether you’d like to use a silk-screening machine, embroidery or painting. After finishing your design, wash and wear these shirts several times. This will determine how long the shirts will stay new looking, and make some adjustments if the shirts do not hold up to typical washings.

Step 3

Try print-on-demand websites. This is now what most sellers do. You can sign up for a free account at this online print-on-demand product sites. These sites will guide you in creating unique designs for t-shirts easier and fast. You will have other options also by designing other items, such as coffee cups, greeting cards and other products. This is a great way to cut out your capital. With cloud print management you can improve your business services.

You might want to learn the difference between Embroidery Vs. Screen Printing first to help you determine which is the better choice for you.

Step 4

Design a captivating logo for your product brand. You can hire an artist to create this design for your business. A captivating logo will familiarize your clients with your brand and differentiate it from others so you can easily pinpoint your products among the flood online stores. If you don’t have a graphic artist, create the logo yourself.

When you choose high density screen printing, you can print almost any color that you can imagine; as the thick inks are available in just about every color that exists. Plus, the prints will be brighter than with methods that absorb into the material or that use other printing styles.

Step 5

Consider your inventory and distribution plans. Purchase plain shirts in bulk in a variety of sizes. You may also decide to partner with other online services and have them handle orders, shipping and customer services as long as you have minimum advertised price enforcement.

Step 6

Once you have established your business name and logo and have an ample amount of sample T-shirts, you can start uploading your information online. Feature your samples on your own website as well as social networking sites. If you’re still starting out and would like to test the waters out first, a great option is to upload your products on a dropshipping site. If you’re looking for a great one, Shop1 provides a wide array of the best US based drop shipping products.

Share your T-shirt with friends, family and strangers. This will help to increase your exposure and possibly generate revenue. A basic idea is to contact small boutiques in your area. Many boutiques will allow you to sell your designs on a consignment basis. Share your samples into the store to let the owner determine whether or not the your design fit for their store. If they are, they will purchase shirts from you and give you a portion of the profit.

Step 7

After establishing your own brand, logo, and deciding on how you’ll advertise your products online, it’s time to think about how you’ll be delivering them to your customers. Will you be shipping internationally or just locally? How much will you be charging for shipping? These are essential when building up your site as most customers consider these factors before even browsing through a site’s products.

Step 8

When online, don’t limit yourself to one market. You can make several designs that can target many types of customers. They will determine the design you select and how you present them. Upload your selected designs to the desired hosting service. Add a brief description and keywords as accurately as possible. These are the best ways to get information about your shirts online.

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