How to Sell Artwork on eBay

eBay offers a great way to reach thousands of potential customers. It’s also the perfect place to sell artwork, which involves accuracy with your descriptions and having clear photos of the artwork. Describe the appropriate features regarding your listing to enable it to reach many potential buyers. eBay can attract buyers from around the world and offers you huge access to the artistic community. Create an eBay account and start selling now. Alternatively, you may join auctions like an online american indian art auction to buy or sell various pieces of art.

Step 1

List the item. Once you have created your own eBay account, review the categories for art. Choose the one which most appropriately describes the artwork you plan to sell. Visit the art section located under the Category heading on the eBay homepage. Choose the Sell option. Type in the type of artwork you have, such as “oil painting.” Enter the title, the piece’s age and the artist who created it.

Step 2

Add a description of the artwork. Include some detailed information about the artwork’s condition and its features. You may want to do some research about the artwork as well, as this will add credibility to your listing.

Step 3

Set up how you’d like to sell the art. Use auctions if you want to sell the artwork quickly. Just make sure the artwork is valuable so you can create a bidding war with the buyers. Establish in your mind the minimum price. Price your items low and include a reserve price. A reserve price is the minimum amount at which you agree to sell the item. If the artwork is extremely valuable, make the reserve price high to the listing. For most items, though, a virtual art store may work better since it lets you put up your artwork for sale for a longer period of time.

Step 4

Upload numerous photos of the artwork. Make your photographs clear. Give potential buyers more details and features to see. Include any features such as damage to the art and a close-up of the artist’s signature. Buyers prefer an accurate description to understand exactly what plan to purchase. Take photographs of the artwork from different angles. This makes the item much more attractive to people browsing. Arrange your photographs carefully. Ensure the most important photo stands out among similar items on eBay.

Step 5

Factor in shipping and handling. Include the postage and packing prices, including an international shipping rates if called for. If the item is large or very fragile, make sure to have the right shipping price and offer additional insurance protection.

Step 6

Set a time from for listing your item on eBay, ranging from one to 10 days. Read the eBay art selling guide to understand more about the different steps involved. Before submitting your listing, check the preview of how it will look like. Once satisfied, simply submit it to have your listing placed online.

Step 7

Be patient. It takes time to get a customer base built up enough so people watch and wait for your new artwork offerings to come online. Once you are ready to sell, just get in contact with the buyer, however if the price you set on the art piece is a large amount then you should consider getting legal counsel for art transactions that may be a risk for you and/or the buyer. 

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