How to Repair Roof Leaks

Water can penetrate cracked or loose tiles, and cause damage to roofs lining underneath. Calling a roofer to deal with roof repair like roof leaks is always better before any water penetration causes secondary problems.

Find the source of the leak. If this is not apparent from the ground, use binoculars to spot broken tiles. At this point, decide whether the problem needs to have roofing replacement or roof repair, which will be done by a professional roofing contractor like these roofers in Kennett Square, PA. If the problem area is difficult to reach, this may be the safer alternative.

To replace a damaged tile, lift up the one above it and press out the roofing nail. Slide the matching replacement tile into place and secure it with a nail. To avoid damaging the tiles when hammering, place the crowbar over the nail head and hammer that instead, find out here more about this. In addition, you should also consider having Terracotta Tile Cleaning regularly.

Slate tiles: These often slip out of place and can easily be nailed back into position. If the slate has split, lift off the surrounding slates and remove the part that is still attached, taking care not to damage the roofing material underneath. Slide the replacement slate into place and getting new cedar shingle siding, making sure it is lined up with the adjacent slates, and secure it with tile nails. Replace the surrounding slates.

Flat felt roof: This type of roofing is prone to blistering and splitting, which will need immediate roof repair. Cut across the blister with a retractable knife and carefully ease open the edges. Spread bitumen inside the hole. Cut a patch of roofing felt that is 5cm (2in) bigger than the hole and slide it inside, pressing down the edges to seal it against the bitumen. Seal the split with bitumen and allow it to dry.

Roofflashing: Re-attach any loose nails and cover them with bitumen to seal the holes. Corrosion holes up to 2cm wide can be patched with matching roof flashing. Cut a piece larger than the hole, roughen up the area and fix the patch with bitumen. Then seal over the patch with bitumen. Badly corroded flashing will need to be replaced by a roofing contractor. You can hire one of these roofing companies in brampton if need it roofing jobs.


Don’t work on any kind of residential roofing unless you are very confident about your skills and have the right equipment. It is very easy to cause further damage to the roof or to yourself. There are residential roofers always available near you who can provide professional roof repair and replacement services. If you’re thinking of where you can find one, then visit sites like

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