How to Remove Pimples Overnight

There are multiple ways to treat pimple problems. For instance, there are over-the-counter products you can purchase as well as home remedies that can give you good results. But there occasionally comes a time when you need to immediately remove a pimple overnight. Suppose you have a job interview and want to look good, or you have a special event to attend. In those situations you would probably want to remove your pimples as quickly as possible. So for those with this kind of problem, here are few useful tips that might help you.


  • Your toothpaste can come in handy. This method has proven effective for many people for years. You can use this method as long as it is toothpaste not made of gel; instead, use plain white toothpaste. Before going to bed, cleanse your face and pat it dry. With a clean finger or a cotton swab, apply a dab of toothpaste on the pimple. Wear it overnight and wash it off the following morning. This will reduce if not heal the pimple.

  • Squeeze a lemon and put its juice in a container. Apply lemon juice to your pimple overnight. Apply the lemon juice to a clean face. Use a clean finger or cotton ball to dab lemon juice on the pimple. Apply it to any area where there is pimple.
  • You can use lavender oil. Wash your face with your cleanser and pat dry. With a cotton swab apply lavender oil on the pimple and leave it on overnight. Lavender oil works great and it has a very nice soothing smell.
  • Make a mixture of honey and cinnamon. Mix equal amounts of both until you get a paste. Again, apply the mixture to a clean face. With a clean finger or cotton, dab it on the pimple. Since the mixture is sticky, make it a point to cleanse your face the following morning. If you sleep tossing and turning, put a clean towel or cloth over your pillow to avoid any mess.
  • Crack an egg and separate the egg white. Put the egg white in a container. With your clean finger dab some egg white on your pimple. You will need just enough to put on your pimples. This can be quite messy, so be sure to cover your pillow case with a clean towel or cloth so to prevent any mess.

Tips and Warning

  • Do not prick or squeeze your pimple before treating it, as this will make the problem worse and more difficult to solve.
  • If it’s a serious pimple problem, it is still best to consult with a dermatologist. He will likely prescribe medications to address the problem.

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About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care. He is a regular contributor to MegaHowTo and lives in Canada.

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