How to Remove Nail Polish from your Fingers

Putting nail polish on fingernails is a common thing for many women. Fingernails that are polished as well as manicured not only give you a smart and confident look but also an impeccable style. However, whatever nail polish type you are using, after a while it will fade away or start chipping off. You may decide to leave those fragments of the nail paint on your nails, or you may try and remove the nail polish in the following steps to ready the nails for a new nail polish coat.

  • Select a good nail polish remover. The most important thing to remove your nail polish will be the remover. While on one hand so many nail polishes are available to select from, an equally diverse range for nail polish removers also exists. Try and select a remover that has no harsh effects on your fingernails, their beds as well as your fingers. Acetone was used as a common remover for nail polishes in the past. However, acetone is not a gentle chemical and can dry your skin and even result in allergic reactions for some. If used often, it will cause brittleness in your fingernails and they will break very easily.

  • Damp some cotton balls. Get the remover and damp a few drops of it onto the cotton balls. There are some who might prefer pads/tissue strips. However, cotton balls are still the best option as they are more absorptive and also do not get torn on being wet, which is the case with tissue paper.
  • Remove the nail polish gently. As the remover already has chemicals in it, remove the nail polish by rubbing it off very gently. Avoid applying lot of pressure. Rub the cotton balls in a gentle manner, back and forth. The rest of the work will be done by the remover. In case you are unable to remove much nail polish, then take the remover and pour a little more of it on the cotton. Go in for a cuticle remover for removing those parts of the nail polish that firmly hold onto the edges of your nails.
  • Wash your nails. After having finished the work of removing the nail polish, go and wash your nails thoroughly with water to remove the last traces of nail polish as well as remover.
  • Moisturize you nails as well as hands. Many nail moisturizing products are available that you might use after applying nail polish or removing it with a remover. Women who often apply nail polish on their fingers need this. Using nail polish often can cause the nail beds to be damages in the long term, which makes nail moisturizing very significant. Other than using nail vitamins to moisturize the nails, one must also use hand moisturizer. Make this a regular habit, as hands are one part that are washed the most often and thus have the highest chances of getting dehydrated.

After having done all this, you may go ahead and apply a new, fresh coat of some other nail polish. However, it is better if every month, you allow your nails to be nail polish free for some days.

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About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care. He is a regular contributor to MegaHowTo and lives in Canada.

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