How to Remove Moles

Moles are caused by two factors. They can be genetic, or you can acquire them through over-exposure to the sun. You should have a certified dermatologist check moles that change in shape, size and color to determine if they are cancerous. If you have a mole or several moles on your body, there are different ways to remove them.

  • Go to a dermatologist to have all your existing moles checked. This guide helps show how to check moles. You want to make sure none of those moles are cancerous. Your doctor can conduct a biopsy if you have a suspicious mole. Make it a point to include skin care to your annual health check up or physical.

  • Removing moles via excision. In this procedure the doctor will cut the mole off from your skin. Later she will sew the little part of skin where the mole was removed. This will take only a few little stitches. After the skin is healed you might find a straight-line scar where the mole used to be, for more on taking care of your skin while healing, see more at the link.
  • Removing moles via cauterized removal. In this procedure your doctor will shave the moles off your skin. After that he will then burn the area where he removed the mole to ensure the mole will not reappear or resurface. This method of removing moles does not include any stitching. When the area is completely healed you will find a scar similar to the shape and size of the mole that was previously there.
  • Removing moles via laser mole removal. In this process the laser light targets the mole. Once in contact the light will break up the mole in pigments, thereby eliminating the mole. Expect that your skin might burn slightly and become reddish or irritated during the first sessions of this type of treatment. Some scarring may be evident, but it will not be so predominant as an excision or   cauterized mole removal scar.
  • Removing moles with cider vinegar. You can apply cider vinegar to the mole several times a day. Cider vinegar contains potassium that causes the pigments of the mole to break down and eliminate it efficiently.
  • Removing moles with garlic. Cut a slice of garlic and apply it to the mole. Garlic contains sulfur that can work in eliminating moles. Another alternative is applying garlic oil, which you can buy at stores. You can apply it to the mole before you go to sleep and leave it overnight.
  • Removing moles using onion juice. You can choose to buy a ready-made onion juice or squeeze the juice out of the onion by yourself. Apply the onion juice to the mole once a day for several weeks.

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