How to Purchase a V7 Flasher

It has many built-in technologies such as games and camera, online information capabilities with some advancement in it. When considering youth crowds with its picture messaging, mobile tones these suits us better. It has been now become one among the most popular cell phones among other phones.

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  • There are many ways of purchasing one such way is purchasing through internet. The website of virgin mobile is a better place to begin with. For compatible phones, it’s better to check with examine provider’s website. It might not be so cheap, but it may help for the buyers purchasing for the very first time. There are some websites like and websites like which might help us to purchase for correct prices with some new and some used. There are also some local websites to look in for purchasing these flash players which is not harm to look at. For more alternative websites we can look in for yahoo or Google search in the search tool bar.

  • The way is by purchasing at local store. Some famous stores like best buy and stores like circuit city will have these V7 flashers along with the required tools and accessories. Some of the departmental stores might not have usual cell phones but might have prepaid cell phones with them. Stores such as 24 and 7-11 have collection of prepaid phones which normally includes these flash players, virgin mobile and minutes. Other stores than departmental one should have to carry V7 flasher.
  • Ensure for used contracts. We will also find craigslist and eBay along with the deals being used but we should also see the local ads. Almost all regions will have weekly ad publications which has either electronics or cell phone section in which we might search for a V7 deal.
  • Cost range. Almost we can locate V7 for $50. It’s available along with components like belt clip, 60 minute card which is prepaid and a wall charger. Sometimes we can get it for half rate from previous owner along with ringtones and games. We can find some on craigslist for about $20 along with two chargers and games already being available with it. Some of the rates of minutes from virgin mobile are $24.98 for 200, $59.99 for 600 and $99.98 for 1000. Unlimited weekends and nights are available with 600 to 1000 minutes. 300 come with weekends and nights around 1000 whereas for 2000 nights and weekends come for 400. There are plans which are known as smallest two plans which usually do not have particular weekends and nights. If we want to pay depending on the usage then the rates are around 18 cents for one minute and it is $6.99 per month for 10 cents a minute. For per text its 5 cents and we can also get texting plans accordingly. We can also check the snapper available because virgin has already upgraded the phone lineup.
  • So that’s it with buying V7 flasher phone. In person, it’s better to deal with someone in some store who is well updated with the upcoming flashers which will help us better in our purchase. Good luck.

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