How to Properly Hold a Red Wine Glass

Perhaps you find the existence of so many different wine glasses to suit different kinds of wines fascinating. For example, maybe you’ve noticed a red wine glass is much bigger and has a shorter stem than that of a white wine glass. Each wine glass’s design carries unique roles and function related to a certain wine. The shape and size of each glass does indeed have an effect on the taste and smell of a particular wine. However, the shape and design of a glass serves not only a particular function but also flatters and sustains the specific style of wine it holds. Holding the glass properly will make the designs and their inherent functions more appropriate and classy when using it among a group of people.

  • Companies make glasses for red wines that typically have short stems beneath large bowl-like bodies. The purpose of such lies in its ability to permit air to circulate inside the glass, producing an aroma you can smell that further helps you determine its specific category. A white wine glass has a little bit longer stem and does not have the appearance of a “big bowled body.” Choose which you would like to use for your wine. If you have chosen to taste a red wine, then select an appropriate glass and pour in some red wine while making sure you do not over pour it.

  • Use your fingers and thumbs when holding the wine glass just under the bowl-like body or at the base of the glass. You can safely and easily swirl the wine inside the glass before drinking by holding it in this way. Typically you serve red wines at room temperature, so it’s fine if the glass comes in direct contact with either your fingers or skin. Glassmakers intentionally create and design wine glasses to counteract any human warming effect from the drinker’s wine; as such, the wine itself inside the glass will not change due to body temperature in most cases.
  • Enjoy your glass of wine. Practice and continue executing the same steps to make you look more elegant—just like the wine inside a wine glass. Have confidence when holding your glass to make you look as though you have the training, experience and know-how to really hold the wine glass well.

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