How to Produce PR Documents

Effective printed materials are keys to successful PR. Learn to write powerful copy, commission strong design and photography, and organize quality printing to ensure persuasive results.

Thinking about Publicity

Producing a PR document, such as a promotional brochure, from scratch can be daunting.

Improving Results

The key to producing effective publicity material is to adopt an organized approach. Make sure that you allow sufficient time by creating a production schedule setting out deadlines for copy, proofs, and final artwork. Circulate a copy to appropriate colleagues, making it clear who is responsible for each task. Build in leeway to allow for delays, and seek competitive quotations from suppliers such as copywriters, photographers, and printers.  Find out what digital printing equipment and machinery you should use and what it is capable of. For instance, if you need Supreme Court Printing services, make sure that the print firm can deliver the best services possible. Ensure that the representative brings samples. If your printer is not working, get it checked by an expert that does office copier repair.

Produce PR Documents

Understanding AIDCA

Every item of publicity you produce should attract attention. Make your publicity attention-grabbing using color, layout, illustration, and text to create an unmissable piece of publicity Next, maintain interest by holding the attention of the reader with captivating, persuasive, clear, and readable copy. Ease the reading process with thoughtful design and navigational layout. Then create desire. Decide what reader-response you want, and produce publicity designed to elicit that reaction. Having appealed to the heart, now use hard and persuasive facts to build conviction. The final test of successful publicity material is its ability to prompt action. These five stages are known by the acronym AIDCA, standing for attention, interest, desire, conviction and action.

Using Your Publicity

It is not uncommon for organizations to spend considerable sums of money producing quality publicity material, only to leave much of it stacked, unused, in a storeroom. Ensure that your brochures and other materials are distributed to your target audiences. Draw up a distribution plan, and be ready to activate it as soon as your material is ready. Check that staff are aware of new materials and have sufficient supplies to hand out. Take your publicity materials to talks, seminars, and exhibitions. Leave supplies where they will be picked up by your target audience. Aim to make your materials work hard for you.

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